Womens St. Patrick’s Day Drunk 2 T-Shirt

If you recall the classic storybook tale about the whimsical ‘Things’ they were released on a special day and ran amok tearing the house up in the name of fun and oddity. If you look at the typical activities on St. Patrick’s Day, is it really much different? It’s one day a year, everyone gets released from their jobs, they get drunk, and run amok tearing up the pub in the name of fun. That’s why we made our Drunk 1 and Drunk 2 t-shirts! They adds a little whimsy to the already raucous event known as St. Patrick’s Day. Just don’t forget to check out our Drunk 1 tee for your best friend. As we all know, the best memories are made in pairs!
List Price: $ 16.99
Price: $ 16.99